Ultimate Guide to Shopping

Boulder’s Ultimate Guide to Shopping

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Boulder is so much more than Crocs, fleece jackets and tie-dye T-shirts. The city is home to high-end boutiques with famous designers, too. Not to mention a thriving art community that influences its fashion.

As a community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that values independent businesses, Boulder is packed with unique, one-of-a-kind stores that make for amazing shopping. You can find everything from high fashion to thrift stores, shopping for all budgets and needs.

Here’s where to shop, whether you want a memorable souvenir, that perfect pair of shoes or an only-in-Boulder creation.

Here is the ultimate guide to shopping in Boulder.
Shopping on Pearl Street Mall

Boulder’s Shopping Districts

Boulder’s got everything to fill your shopping bags: high-end designers, bargains, chains, one-of-a-kind, local goodies. And while you’ll find shops scattered across the city, many cluster together in convenient shopping districts, where you can hit up a variety with only one parking stop.

Here’s a breakdown of where to shop in Boulder.

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Shirts at Jackalope & Co. International

Souvenirs that aren’t cliche

Keychains and kitschy T-shirts may have cut it as souvenirs from past vacations. But an epic trip to Boulder warrants bringing back some equally epic souvenirs.

Here’s where you can elevate your souvenir shopping along the Pearl Street Mall, finding uniquely Colorado goods of the non-cheesy variety.

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Tables at the Amazing Garage Sale

Weirdest Shops in Boulder County

You can tell a lot about a town by its stores. As the saying goes, where your money is, your heart is.

Boulder’s heart will always be just a little offbeat.

We’ve got dog bakeries, rare-book stores, an “enlightened” smoke shop and old-school glass shops. Buy rare crystals, a hand-painted David Bowie mask, a new pet snake, a stack of old table legs and a deck of tarot cards. Many of these interesting shops have been around for decades and are Boulder staples. All of them carry unique, only-in-Boulder gifts and nontraditional souvenir options.

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Voss + Art

Boulder’s Best Locally Owned Shops

This isn’t your ordinary mall. Many malls are packed with chain stores, anchored by big-box retailers, department stores and national restaurant branches. Walk inside and you could be Anywhere, USA.

Boulder is different. While it’s true that the cost of running a thriving business in Boulder has forced many independent businesses to shut their doors, plenty still remain. And they’re truly what gives Boulder its spirit.

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Foodie shopping

Sometimes, the best purchases are temporary ones. The kind you can eat.

Foodies, start your stomachs a-rumblin’ and get out your pocketbooks. Boulder’s got a ton of incredible places to shop that center around food.

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29th Street Mall

Tips & Tricks for Shopping in Boulder

For shopping success in Boulder, here’s where to go, what to get and whom to ask.

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Climbing ropes at Neptune

Outdoor & Athletic Stores

There’s so much adventure waiting in Boulder, you couldn’t possibly pack for it all.

Luckily, you don’t have to. Boulder has a great selection of top-notch outdoor and athletic stores. Find quirky apparel, bike experts, cheap ski gear and custom-measured everythings made right in town.

Here are some of our favorite locally owned stores to help outfit you for your next active adventure in Boulder.
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Chelsea Boulder Courtesy Photo.

High-End Vs. Affordable Shops

Boulder has extremely high-end, fashion-forward boutiques that carry designer brands, as well as inexpensive, locally-owned shops where you can always score a bargain.

Here’s a look at our favorite places to shop on the two edges.

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Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary

Health & Wellness Shops

Boulder has an impressive number of locally owned and operated health and wellness businesses.

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Most Fashionable Shops on the Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street is our guilty pleasure place in Colorado to shop. Whether you’re hunting down an unusual treasure to take home, an unforgettable gift, some outdoor gear to accompany your next adventure or a new outfit, Pearl Street has you more than covered.

Here’s where we blow our dough. Our most fashionable Pearl Street shops are all locally owned, to ensure the authentic Boulder flair. No chains on this list.

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Mike's Camera

Shops for Hobbies

Boulder people don’t just sit around. People around here have something they get up to after work or on the weekends; these activities fall into two categories: Boulder Hobbies and Normal Hobbies. You’ll see what that means later.

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Toy Store

Children’s Shops

Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly souvenir, an object of parental bribery or you forgot to pack something in your suitcase, when you’re on vacation, sometimes you need to hit the children’s shops.

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Music Store

Music Stores

Here is a peek at some of the best music stores in Boulder County, plus some tips on how to get the most out of them from the pros themselves.

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This vs That

Shopping near Boulder: Louisville vs. Superior

There’s no shortage of shopping ops in Boulder, but sometimes it’s fun to explore beyond city limits. If you’re headed eastward, you’ll inevitably bump into two charming Boulder County destinations: Louisville and Superior.

Here’s a closer look at stores in these east BoCo cities to help you determine which better fits your shopping needs.

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 Colorful shirts in Fresh Produce

The Fresh Produce Store

Not what you think it is.

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