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Summer Roundup 2018

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Best Picnic Spots in Boulder

There are lots of great parks and spaces where you can toss a blanket or grab a table and enjoy an outdoor meal. But some places are better than others. The views, the seating, the shade and more set these picnic areas above the rest.

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Dino Ridge

Unique Summer Date Ideas

Can you feel it? The summer itch. There are songs written about summer love, and it’s time to embark on your own summer romance, but do it Boulder style. Here are some of our favorite quirky inspirations to help you plan the perfect summer date.

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Boulder’s First Friday Art Walk: Find Hidden Art Gems in NoBo

As part of the monthly First Friday NoBo Art Walk, you can pop into artists’ studios in North Boulder and watch them work, see what they’ve created and get an inside glimpse at the Boulder art scene. The Art Walks are free and open to the public.

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Band on the Bricks

Things to Do in Boulder Summer 2018

Summer in Boulder means tons of live music, theater, races, yoga, beer and art — of all kinds, throughout the entire season. It’s an exciting time of year to be in Boulder. Here’s a look at the highlights of all the biggest, can’t-miss events for summer 2018.

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Red Rocks

The Great Big Guide to Red Rocks 2018 Highlights

Every year, it seems like there’s no way to top the previous Red Rocks season. We see the concert schedule and wish we could go to more of them. But much like last year, Travel Boulder is here to help you sort out the must-see from the can’t-miss from the maybe-next-years.

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The Healthiest, Tastiest Restaurants in Boulder

Narrowing down the healthiest restaurants in Boulder is an impossible task. Most places here value locally sourced, organic, house-made, healthy everything. But when we are craving a high-quality, tasty meal that will make our bodies feel great, there are certain places we think of first.

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Colorado Chautauqua

Ultimate Guide to the Colorado Chautauqua

You get to leave your daily life behind to step into a new world, even just temporarily. A new place, new faces, new experiences. Even a different time period. At least that’s what it feels like here. There are many reasons the Chautauqua landmark in Boulder is one of the most popular spots in town, for locals and visitors alike.

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The Big Cheese: All About Cheese in Boulder

Boulder is so very fondu of cheese. Too cheesy? Nacho style? Fine. We’ll stop (although we thought our puns were grate). If you still have an appetite, get that belly grumbling. Here are eight of our favorite cheese-centric activities in and near Boulder.

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Mushroom Bolognese

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Boulder

There’s more than just salad here. A vegan or vegetarian diet can be indulgent, luxurious and innovative, too. Whether you’re meat-free for health, environmental, ethical or personal reasons, Boulder is built for you. Looking for a night out? Here’s where to get the best vegan food in Boulder County’s restaurants.

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Sunflower Farms

11 Ways to Explore Boulder’s Farm Food Scene

In this hip college town and techy hotspot, you might not expect that there are about 20,000 acres of farmland. But Boulder’s agricultural roots remain strong. In fact, Boulder County boasts more than 850 farms. But there are many ways to experience local farms, besides the local cuisine. Here are 11 other ways you can explore the taste of rural Boulder County.

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