Summer Roundup

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Boulder Reservoir beach

The Top 12 Outdoor Activities With Your Kids

If you want to take your children to one of the world’s best play areas, take them to Boulder. From the hilltops to the swim beach, from the gardens to the go-karts, Boulder’s outdoor wonderland is built just for kids.

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Royal Arch at night

The Best Nighttime Hikes in Boulder

Here’s a different way to experience Boulder’s outdoor hiking scene: at night, under a quiet canopy of stars, listening to the owls, with the trail illuminated by nothing but the full moon and the circle of your headlamp.

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Man dining with his dog at Sanitas Brewery

Dining With Your Dog in Boulder

Dining with your dog in Boulder is easy! But don’t expect to be able to bring your furry friend inside just anywhere. There are plenty of great places to dine in Boulder with outdoor seating that do welcome dogs with open arms.

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Mountain Biker in Boulder

An Easy Guide To Mountain Biking In Boulder

Boulder is well known as a hub of outdoor sports and mountain living. That’s not all we have, though; we’re also lucky enough to have access to hundreds of miles of the best mountain biking around, right in our own backyard.

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Eldorado State Park

The Best Boulder Parks to Enjoy on Weekends

It’s easy to find some open space in Boulder; the city itself has more than 60 different parks. Here are a few of our favorite parks to enjoy on the weekends. Pick your purpose and get busy relaxing.

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Dog in a tent

Best Camping Spots Near Boulder

Camping is one of the purest and simplest ways to get in touch with Mother Earth and hit the recharge button. If you enjoy a good camping trip, whether in a luxury cabin or out in the middle of the woods with no cell service, you’re in luck. There are plenty of good spots near Boulder to explore and plan a weekend getaway.

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A Flight of Beer at Wildwood Brewing

A Brewery Biking Tour

Boulder boasts 16 different breweries within city limits, so many that you could never visit them all in a single day. (That many pints on wheels could put you in jail, anyway.) That’s why we’ve created our favorite bike and beer tour through Boulder. Follow this guide and adjust as needed.

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An owl mural in Boulder

A Tour of Boulder’s Unique Street Art

Boulder is so colorful. And the street art is no different. This slideshow highlights some of the bright and unique murals, graffiti and other artistic creations you can see walking down Boulder’s streets.

Each image in the slideshow has additional information about the art.

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A Flight of Beer at Wildwood Brewing

Boulder County Farmers Market, Unlike Anything Else

The Boulder County Farmers Market is always busy, ever changing and well-established as one of the best farmers markets in the nation.It’s a foodie paradise. It’s also a great way to spend a free or super cheap weekend in Boulder, whether you’re with family or traveling solo, looking to make new connections.

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Boulder House Rooftop Bar

The 6 Most Unique Bars In Boulder

Because sometimes you want something totally different. Sometimes it’s a rare tequila or an unusual cocktail, or a special patio or dining area.

Boulder’s got all that, and more.

Here are six of Boulder’s most unique bars.

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